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Find out your star sign horoscope from our very own Russell Grant. From Capricorn to Sagittarius, our free horoscope touches on all aspects of life including family, friends, home, work and love, plus Mar 21 - Apr 20 Aug 24 - Sep

A friend needs to share some news with you or clear the air.

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You might feel uncomfortable with the end results. Tonight: An offer might entice you.

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You could be surprised by recent events. You have difficulty keeping another person's change of heart out of your thoughts. Maintain your normal course; handle finances well. Double-check and triple-check your figures.

March 28th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Aries - Part 1

Tonight: Buy a treat on the way home. Your innate skills come forward without you even knowing. Someone could be quite impressed with you. Understand what's going on between you and another person. Communications could've been off recently. You'll witness a change. Tonight: Getting into the zest of living. Take your time. You actually might need a lazy day in order to feel good about yourself and what's happening in your life. For the moment, decide to do what you want. Your attitude changes. Tonight: Have a long-overdue chat with a loved one. You feel renewed and willing to explain yourself.

For the past few weeks, you've been hesitant to say what's on your mind. Now, you can open up and share without any trepidation. Still, be sensitive to the other party. Tonight: As you like it.

Pisces Aries Cusp – The Cusp of Rebirth

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Personality and Character

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18 Truths All Pisces-Aries Cusps Will Relate To

Although you are aware of your innate wisdom, you may lack the patience to build on what you already know. It is vital, therefore, to develop the amazing mental potential of those born on this date, through self-discipline and concentration. Your strong emotional connection to love at a deep level emphasizes the importance of affection in your life and may take you into many different types of experience.

Despite the fact that you are usually active, there is also a part of you that needs to retreat from the world and spend time in contemplation, writing, or seeking answers of a more profound nature.

March 28 Zodiac

With faith and inspiration, you often forge ahead with great determination in pursuit of your objectives. Whatever career you choose, you may find your natural leadership skills bring you to the forefront of your profession, and you are likely to enjoy initiating projects. Your excellent sense of structure and form often suggests that you are a good strategist. Being a visionary may lead you to careers such as architecture, photography, or filmmaking. A natural success with people could be channeled into professions or businesses that involve you with the public.

The more inspired among you may need to find creative self-expression through the world of art, music, and entertainment. Famous people who share your birthday include actor Dirk Bogarde, St. Independent, idealistic, and unconventional, yet pragmatic and determined, you are often a law unto yourself. An inner conflict between wanting to be self-reliant and wanting to be part of a team is also indicated by the number 28 birthdate.

Among your many attributes are strong conviction, resourcefulness, good judgment, and common sense. Although you are success-oriented, family and home life are important to you.

Capricorn Aquarius Cusp (January 16 - January 22)

Finding stability and taking care of your nearest and dearest may, at times, be a challenge for you. The subinfluence of the number 3 month indicates that you are intuitive and creative. You need to have a routine and a practical approach to life. Since proper preparations are essential for good performance, planning helps you to be focused and successful.

Strong-willed and independent, you are daring and outspoken, yet capable of being loyal and dependable. In your major relationships, it is important that you find someone who can offer you mental stimulation, someone with whom you can share your interests and values.

Your relationships are likely to endure if you learn to be fair and less argumentative.

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By having similar principles or developing a basic level of understanding, you can enjoy a warm and tender relationship with the opposite sex.