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Mercury retrograde period is quite important in Vedic Astrology. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is sure to bring up ghosts of the past in order to reconcile the present with your past self. Mercury is the planet associated with our thought processes, intellect, and communication.

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The first period of when Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, will be in retrograde motion starts on March 5 and ends on March 28 of This will also be the last Mercury retrograde in — but that doesn't mean it. Mercury is believed to rule communication and travel and so during a Mercury-Retrograde it is common for breakdowns in communication and interruption of travel plans to occur. November 1, And towards the end of November, Mercury would be in conjunction with Mars in the zodiac house of Libra.

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Mercury won't reenter Leo until August Mercury Retrograde Effects on Scorpio. Retrograde Mercury is typically associated with breakdowns of communication and technology, delays and throwing projects into a state of flux or change.

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Mercury enters Scorpio on October 3rd. October 31 - November 20, Mercury turns retrograde Scorpio : With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, during the first decades of September it is likely for Virgo natives to not feel quite comfortable in their own skin. Mercury Retrograde for October November 20, This is a very powerful and introspective Mercury retrograde period.

May 26, Explore giselle68's board "Mercury Retrograde", followed by people on Pinterest. Mercury is the planet of communication. July begins with a tricky Mercury retrograde station conjunct Mars in Leo, and also features the first full set of eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn. Since Scorpio is a water sign, this is accompanied by a penetrating emotional clarity that arrives as an inner epiphany.

During retrograde cycle of Mercury , communications in any way , energy-consuming devices, but also thinking and logic can be affected. March 6th: A New Moon conjunct Neptune while Mercury is also stationing to turn retrograde in Pisces brings a wave of other-worldly, transrational energy. Each stage is color coded, and the corresponding dates are shown in the Mercury Retrograde Calendar, below. However, there's every chance that March's Mercury Retrograde could send your life just a little bit more haywire. Vedic astrology in India relies on the position of nine planets or the Navagrahas.

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If you don't subscribe to the idea of Mercury retrograde, continue to live your life as you normally would. You can read more about it Here: On June 20 th , we entered the 'Shadow' period, which is where Mercury will retrograde back to before turning direct on July 31 st. For the astrologically literate, it begins at 27'38 degrees of Scorpio and will retrograde all the way to 11'35 degrees of Scorpio, before turning forward again.

Scorpio is the keeper of secrets and this transit could be about investigating what's hidden. Follow this checklist to keep love alive during Mercury retrograde, no matter what. This drawing illustrates the path of Mercury in the sky and the different stages of the Mercury Retrograde Cycle. Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio: Oct. Mars and Venus retrograde once in two years. Think of the shadow period like PMS.

Mercury retrograde in the 11th can help you to discover who your real friends are and why you move in the circles you do.

While you probably have been focusing on your mental wellness for the majority of , this special Mercury Retrograde is providing that extra dash you may need to truly set things in motion to. While everyone else is busy trying to manage the chaos you are happy living in it. These three Mercury retrogrades will give us the opportunity to not only figure out what we don't want and go over things that we have left, it will also include.

See more ideas about Mercury retrograde, Mercury and Astrology. Mercury's Ingress and Retrograde Astrological Information - Watch The Craft again for a teachable moment. In astrology, Mercury rx is an illusion but it's a time to reflect when this planet. That said, Mercury in Scorpio does have the potential to foster greater intimacy as well.

Mercury's apparent retrograde motion from October 31 through November 20, For example, Venus enters retrograde about once a year, though sometimes, its cycle is longer. Thus, you can see some changes in your life due to the effects of Jupiter retrograde Leslie McGuirk suggests we should not blame Mercury retrograde for every failure, and that the study of astrology is about what it means to be human. In , specifically, Mercury will go retrograde three times.

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Mercury in retrograde is not really moving backwards, it moves away from the Earth in its orbit. This is the ultimate guide has everything you need to know about the Mercury Retrograde in Mercury is the planet of communication and travels over short distances, so these aspects will be great affected by this planet's retrogrades, the signs being ruled by this celestial body, Gemini and Virgo, feeling its effects the most.

Thank God Mercury Retrograde will end on November 20th, which is a whole nine 9 days before Black Friday, even though 'technically speaking' this Retrograde cycle will not end until December 7, because that is the date that Mercury will return to 27 degrees, which is the degrees that it is today, the day that Mercury turns Retrograde. Mercury Retrograde Relationship-Saving Checklist. Scorpio, during Mercury retrograde you're going to have to accept that you can't control everything. Use this retrograde calendar to get ready so you can minimize mishaps and even enjoy the slowdown these periods bring.

Mercury retrograde phases happen every year. When Mercury Retrograde happens in Scorpio, we aren't only experiencing technological hiccups and the occasional text from an ex—Scorpio's energy asks us to review our relationships with. Astrological aspects for Mercury retrograde in Scorpio Known as the Messenger of.

Mercury stations retrograde on Halloween in the sign of Scorpio, a sign associated with divination, occult matters, and death and rebirth. Retrograde cycle is ended when Mercury ingress in Sagittarius - on 9 December In some cases, this can be a time of silence. Weekly Written Astrology 21st October - Magic time! To make matters worse, Mercury will be in Scorpio this time round, which means this could be the most intense and emotional period of the year.

It is in the watery, oceanic sign of Pisces. It's no accident, Mercury, which rules our thoughts and thinking patterns, stations retrograde in Scorpio on a day that highlights Scorpio's themes. Other than monthly news horoscopes and articles, solar eclipse, zodiac signs, Mercury Retrograde motions are one of the most well-known astrology phenomenons.

Mercury retrograde , 31st October - 20th November will have a huge impact on the following zodiac signs ; Scorpio, Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius. Registered in England Free Horoscopes Astrology features the best horoscope predictions and daily astrology forecasts online.

Penny Thornton is one of the worlds leading astrologers. Whether you're looking to get a job or move up the ladder, the sky's the limit. But as Mercury turns retrograde travel could be problematic, so make sure you have plenty of time. Free horoscopes: get your daily horoscope, love horoscope, weekly horoscope, monthly horoscope, love astrology, career astrology, and more horoscopes from a trusted source.

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